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2D Materials

Lattice-doped graphene

Lattice-Doped graphene.png

Graphene, a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice form of carbon atoms, has received considerable interest in nanoelectronics due to its excellent conductivity, stability, and flexibility with high mechanical strength. However, there is still a lack of strategy to opening its zero band gap, so it has a limitation to practical use in industry. To cross this hurdle, we focus on breaking the symmetry of graphene by covalently doping heteroatoms into the graphitic site lattice through a one-step chemical vapor deposition method.

Twisted bilayer graphene


Twisted bilayer graphene (tBLG) has unique physical properties that can be modulated by varying the degree of interlayer orbital overlap. Based on this, controlling a stacking configuration of tBLG is essential for understanding the BLG growth and applying it in various applications. Our group focus on unveiling the determination mechanism of the stacking configuration and behavior/motion of the graphene layer on the catalyst surface. Furthermore, by growing tBLG on a large-scale, we aim to show its potential as a next-generation semiconducting 2D material.

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