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Organic/Inorganic thin films

Vapor phase chemical reactions


A vapor-phase chemical reaction is one of the essential reactions in nanoelectronic technology (e.g., chemical vapor deposition). Our group develops and studies the vapor-phase chemistry of promising organic and organic-inorganic hybrid materials. Our studies will enable fundamental studies on physical properties and contribute to accomplishing practical applications of promising materials.

Metal-organic frameworks


Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are porous crystalline structures in which metal nodes and organic linkers are connected through coordination bonds. MOFs are actively studied in gas storage, catalysis, and electrical devices because of their high surface area, structural tunability, and electrical conductivity. Especially as part of an effort to replace silicon-based semiconductors, MOFs are attractive candidates. Our group focuses on synthesizing high-conductivity semiconducting MOFs and revealing their origin of electrical properties.

Covalent organic frameworks


Covalent organic frameworks (COFs) are porous crystalline materials composed of organic monomers. COF is a promising material for organic electronics, organic light-emitting diodes, gas sensors, and catalysts due to its unique porosity and electrical conductivity. Our group studies developing novel COF thin film synthetic methods and accurate electron transport.

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