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Yoolim's paper entitled ""A Platform to Evaluate the Effect of Back Charge Transfer on the Electrical Conductivity of TTF Charge Transfer Complexes: TTF3MCl6 (M=In, Sb)"" has been accepted in Inorg.Chem. Congratulations! 2021.12.21

Jiwon's paper entitled "Solvent Influenced Coordination Variation of Flexible Ligands to Y(III) towards MOF Structural Diversities" has been accepted in CrystEngComm. Congratulations! 2021. 12. 20

Dr. Jinyoung Koo's paper artwork has been featured as a banner on Communications Chemistry homepage. 2021.12. 03

​Jiwon (Dr. Park) has successfully defended her Ph. D. thesis.  Congratulations! 2021.12. 02

Youngkwan's paper entitled "Ultrasmooth organic films via efficient aggregation suppression by a low-vacuum physical vapor deposition" has been accepted in Materials. Congratulations! 2021.11. 24

Dr. Jinyoung Koo's paper entitled "Bismuth organic frameworks exhibiting enhanced phosphorescence" has been accepted in Commun. Chem. Congratulations! 2021.11. 10

Dr. Jinyoung Koo's paper entitled "The anisotropic electrical conductivity of a single-crystalline oxo-bridged Cr4(III)Mo2(VI) heterometallic complex" has been accepted in Inorg.Chem. Congratulations! 2021.07.29

Kwangjin's paper entitled "Viscosity effect on strategic kinetic overgrowth of molecular crystals in various morphologies: concave and octapod fullerene crystals." has been accepted in RSC Adv. Congratulations! 2021.06.04

Hyeyeon was awarded "The next generation of academics-research grants for PH.D. students" in National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF)  Congratulations! 2021.06.03

Dr. Jinyoung Koo's paper entitled "Phase Change-Driven Radical Population and Electrical Conductivity Increases of Organic Radical Crystals by Mild Heating" has been accepted in J. Phys. Chem. C. Congratulations! 2021.05.06

Jiwon's paper entitled "Solvent-effected coordination variation of flexible ligands to Cu(II) for the formation of 1D and 2D secondary building units for metal-organic frameworks" has been accepted in Inorg.Chem. Congratulations! 2021.03.17

Dr. Jinyoung Koo proposal was accepted by Basic Science Research program (Sejong Science Fellowship) managed by the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF). Congratulations! 2021.03.08

Dr. Sungwook Woo has joined as Research Assistant Professor of NMRL group. Welcome! 2021.03.02 

Yelim and Yunju has joined as new members of NMRL group. Welcome! 2021.02.22 

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